Which Is Better Solar Screens or Window Tinting?

Window Tint

Window tint is a very thin layer of a transparent sheet of film usually made of polyester in combination with other dyed and metal-coated materials. The film is applied to the inside of a window and tints can be in a color that the customer chose. This window treatment is used to reduce the temperature and to block UV radiation.


Benefits of Window Tinting

There are several benefits that window tinting offers.

  • Blocking UV radiation
  • Reducing the temperature in the house during summer
  • Reducing energy costs during summer
  • Protecting house interior and furniture from sun damage
  • Improve and reinforce the quality of windows


Downsides of Window Tinting

  • Increasing energy costs in the winter
  • Less light in the house
  • Tinting is not suitable for all types of windows
  • If the tint is too dark it reduces visibility in the night


Solar Screens

Solar Screens are installed on the outside of the house, they can be a roller shade or fixed panels installed on a window. They are usually made of fabric-based materials such as polyester or fiberglass coated with other different materials to make them stable and provide endurance. They often come in green or black color. The main use of solar screens is for protection from UV radiation and for controlling temperature in the house.


Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar Screens are offering many benefits such as:

  • Blocking UV radiation
  • Possibility of controlling temperature
  • Controlling the light level in the house
  • Providing privacy
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Improving the aesthetics of the house
  • They can be adjusted or removed in the winter


Downsides of Solar Screens

  • Can be damaged by weather
  • They can obstruct the view outside
  • Less light in the house
  • The Life span of approximately 10 years
  • They can be very expensive


Similarities and Differences of Window Tint and Solar Screens

Before making a decision on what window treatment is better there is also a need to see what are their similarities and differences to make the conclusion. The main similarities that these two window treatments share are their use for protection against UV radiation and reducing heat in the house. The second big similarity is that they are lowering the light level and obstructing the view from the house. Differences are in the efficiency and installation, as solar screens are installed on the outside of the house, they provide much more protection from the sun and also the temperature in the house is much lower because the sun is not reaching the house like in the case of window tint.


Which is better Window Tint or Solar Screens?

When all factors, pros, and cons are summed up, there is an inevitable conclusion. Solar screens are better solutions that window tint for several reasons. Solar screens are more efficient and they offer the option of controlling (removing, rising up if the roller shades) also because of these two things they are more economical options in the long term.