Effective Strategies to Make Money on YouTube

Before jumping into this, you need to understand and believe that money online exists. It beats logic for someone to share their life, product, or services for free because there is nothing for something. It costs something to have something or achieve something. The big question in the room is how? How do you start making money on YouTube?

Before devouring this blog, you should ask one simple question: How many subscribers do you need? Once you answer that, you already have 75 percent of the work done. It’s simple math because once you have the numbers, then starting to convert cash will be a walk in the path. You have to understand that the YouTube algorithm works in favor of YouTube. They do not care about the content that you are posting on their platform. They just want someone who will bring more people on the platform and who can spend more time on the platform. Period!

Join the YouTube Partner

Think of this place as a club. And you can only enjoy the party when you are inside the club. The YouTube partner works for anyone who has a YouTube channel because it gives them special features. It might feel like that right now you are obliged to join. But you can indeed earn money with just an AdSense account and enough followers- the stated 1000 followers. However, being a YouTube partner makes it easier.

YouTuber Partners can receive some money through YouTube Premium Subscription fees and features that tap your loyal fans’ wallets directly, like Super Chat and the merchandise shelf.

Sell Your Merch

We suppose it’s better to think about your YouTube channel as a product, not a service. You are dedicating your time and effort to making other people’s life richer and better. Or you’re educating them about something that might take time to master. It, therefore, means that you have every right of saying that you are an entrepreneur first, then a content creator second. That’s what made you curious enough to search and read this article.

It can seem like a lot of work, but selling your merchandise is not hard work. If you have a solid audience and reputation, then you are going to have a smooth ride. It’s time that you put your guilt aside and chase that bag a little. Start with advertising one or two products to your audience. Let them decide what they want. Listen to their suggestions because they will give you an idea of what they want.

Once you have this in mind, you can talk with your supplier and start using your audience’s comment as a base for you to sell. Now, make them happy while you get that cash.

Shoot Sponsored Content


The reason is that they pay directly to your pocket. Brands are out there struggling for advertisement and marketing. They will look for credible content creators that know how to sell and how to pitch. If you are lucky to have content that resonates with their brand and has a large audience, they will be more than ready to listen to you.

Get Fans to Pay You Directly

Earlier we talked about Super Chat. Super Chat is a feature that is available to content creators that are In the YouTube Partner club. This feature allows your audience to pay you directly while they live stream. Your viewers then can make their comments more visible, depending on what they pay. This provides an incentive for your audience as they feel more competitive, relevant, and engaged about your content.

Set Up a Crowdfunding

It is not always about making money but about receiving support when you are stranded to buy a new microphone or camera. It might sound like a scam, but the intention is what matters. If you feel that your level of subscription is not being met by the quality that you produce, it is time to raise your standards.

It can be that when you do this, you make lack the cash to set yourself up. The best solution is to ask for it and state this fact to your audience openly and honestly.