How to successfully transition from military to civilian life

Every military service member knows that there will come a time that he or she will have to transition back to civilian life. It has something to do with the rigors and difficulty of military life. So, after decades of being in the military, a significant number of military veterans have found it hard to make the shift back.

In this article, we have sought to put together several tips that may prove crucial for veterans looking for a future after their military days.

Making use of transition resources

The military and the federal government have not been ignorant of the difficulties facing military veterans and the shift back to civilian life. To help in this, the Department of Veteran Affairs has put in place the Transition Assistance Program. Here, veterans can learn how to assimilate back into normalcy and the community, at large. In addition, local and state government agencies have set up stations on a community level.


Despite your years in the military, there are still interests and skills that are embedded deep within your DNA. There are also skills and crafts that the military has instilled in you. Perform a thorough SWOT analysis of yourself to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that lie before you.

This assessment can help you put together a solid plan that will help you earn a living, support your family, and also transition back into society.


Have you considered going back to school? You may be thinking of finishing your previous one or starting one afresh. There are programs that are specifically catered to veterans. Military-friendly schools are also an option that you should consider. In addition, the federal government has in place several education loans that you can take advantage of.


As you transition from military life, you will be asked whether you have applied for this job or that. And while that may be a good way of seeking employment or opportunity, think of the hundreds of applications that job recruiters receive. To stand out from the competition, we recommend that you network.

First, look up veterans who have made a name for themselves in the corporate world. Look for the perfect opportunity to approach them and introduce yourself. First impression matters, so ensure that you have all that you need with you; the appearance, the pitch and the talk right.

Military affiliated recruiters

You must have heard of Bradley Morris and the Lucas Group? These are two institutions that are geared towards helping military veterans and officers make the transition to the civilian and corporate world. Connecting with such companies can prove to be a more effective route, considering their focus on military veterans.


You will be surprised by the number of military veterans who have successfully made the transition to civilian life. Some have started businesses, some are employed and some have gone back to school. Take advantage of the resources available and become a part of your local community.