Do Shutters Provide Blackout?

Window shutters are rigid coverings that cover the window and stop unwanted sunlight, dust, debris, and views. Some window shutters have vertical frames, while others have horizontal frames. They are famous all over the world. The window shutters can be inside as well as outside of the window. It depends upon the nature and the purpose of the shutter. A diverse variety of material is used to make window shutters. The materials include MDF (Medium Density Fiber), Bass Wood, Vinyl and Faux Wood. Bass Wood is the most commonly used material for window shutters. One of the questions that people buying window shutters ask is whether or not they can provide complete blackout. It may appear to be a simple question, but it is anything but. In this article, we will tell you all about the different types of shutters and their capability to provide blackout.

Types of shutters

The following are some popular types of window shutters:

  • Louvered window shutters are used commonly all over the world. They are generally exterior window shutters. The wood of different kinds can be used to make these window shutters. They can significantly amplify the beauty of the walls if the color combination is right.
  • Shaker style window shutters are also commonly used all across the globe. They are more traditional in style. Once more, wood is the popular choice for making these shutters. The main element of the shaker style window shutters is their simplicity.
  • Plantation window shutters are another highly popular option for you. They are exterior window shutters. 
  • Café style shutters get their names from traditional French cafes. They usually cover just the bottom half of the windows. The top half is left uncovered. Café style window shutters are generally interior in style.
  • Last but not least; the Scandinavian window shutters are highly attractive for use.  They are exterior window shutters. If you are opting for a vintage yet classy look, these are the perfect option for you.


Do they provide blackout?

Now that you know about some of the best window shutters, it is time to answer the question about the blackout. If you are looking for a total blackout, a standard window shutter will not do the job. You will need massive and specially designed window shutters to totally blackout the light, noise, and view. However, if getting the room relatively dark and quiet is your goal, the shaker style window shutters may have the answer you are looking for. Also, in exterior style, Scandinavian window shutters are your best bet. 


There are several other considerations to make when getting a window shutter. The following are some of them:

  • You must first clearly define why you need a window shutter.
  • The color combination of the walls and shutters must be exquisite.
  • You must choose the material for window shutters keeping in mind aspects like climate and humidity.

Follow these basic steps, and you are good to go.