Can you change the background color on Instagram stories?

One of the most important and influential discoveries of recent times is definitely social media. Everything we do throughout the day revolves around the use of technology and more specifically around social media in one way or the other. We use different social media platforms for different purposes, but it is almost certain that a large majority of the world’s population is using social media very regularly on a daily basis. Instagram is indeed one of the most popular social media applications today and is also being considered as a very effective marketing and advertising tool for many individuals and brands.
In this article, we will focus on the Insta Stories their background color change, and the importance of this feature. If you need a complete guide make sure you check, this article has everything you need.

Instagram and Stories

Instagram has introduced many new features which allow many users to onboard the platform very conveniently. The fact that Instagram is equally tech-savvy as it is user-friendly, makes it a very good and helpful social media application to use almost at all times throughout the day. Apart from the regular posts, people can now post using the stories option as well. This is a relatively old concept on Instagram but seeing its success, platforms like Facebook and most recently Twitter also introduced this concept, so they can be successful too.

The Importance of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories provide a really good and a quick way into seeing what the other users are currently doing, almost like a sort of a sneak peek into their lives. With this feature, people also have the option of sharing any post they like and as a result, more and more people can see the same post. This is a very effective and a quick way to increase customer engagement and also reach. Instagram stories can be really fun and trendy as well depending upon how you might want other people to view your content.

How to Make Instagram Stories Trendy and Colorful?

There are different options to help you make Instagram stories extraordinary, fun and engaging. This will ensure that whenever someone sees your story, they will not swipe on to the next one, rather the person would most likely stop and actually look at the content you have shared on your story. You have the option of applying different filters on the stories you post. Instagram filters can be applied to stories which means that stories are no longer boring and monotonous. The user has the option of using approximately 10 different filters on pictures and videos in the story section. Other than this, the background color of the story can also be changed very conveniently, making the outlook of the story somewhat interesting and trendy as well.

To enhance the look of the story further, you can choose some different fonts to write something along with the story as well. These fonts are very clear, concise and far from the usual basic font you usually see online. With the font, you can also alter the colors. Besides, with Instagram stories you can decide the complete vibe as per your wish.