Which Social Networks Should You Focus on in 2021?

We all know that the lockdown pushed everyone inside their homes, and all people could do was stay in touch with other people through social media. Consequently, people realized the importance of social media. Even brands and markets couldn’t survive without social media. More than 72% of people reported that they increased their daily use of social media during the lockdown. But the main question is which social media app deserves your precious time and energy. By the way, if you’re crazy about Instagram and aim to increase your followers count naturally, an organic Instagram growth service is the perfect option for you.

The point is that time is precious, so if you want to promote your business, you need to identify the social network on which it can flourish. Moreover, if you get late, your competitors might post content before you, and you might be left with tiny unique ideas.

Now let’s go over some social media networks so that you can decide which one you should focus on in 2021.


Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Hence, it’s a must to have your businesses promoted by using Facebook. Also, note that the young generation is no longer interested in Facebook due to the introduction of TikTok and Snapchat, which means you can easily make the best use of your time by using Facebook. This also shows that your target audience might not be the young generation on Facebook.


We have seen that Instagram has been one of the most used social media networks in 2021. Therefore, there are many growth opportunities on Instagram as people use Instagram to promote their products. Moreover, Instagram’s recent video features and graphics have improved remarkably. Many people use Instagram stories to sell their products and advertise them.


Although Twitter is not the best social media network for making money online as Tweets stay for a brief period only, it will be hard for you to keep up with Twitter unless you’re in the new business or media side.  However, Twitter does shine out when it comes to customer service. Twitter is considered by many who want quick responses to queries.


TikTok is one of the most growing social media networks of 2021 as it’s used by all age groups, especially the young generation. It has more than 700 million users globally and has room for more. It’s weirdly addictive.


Clubhouse was launched in 2020. Unlike Twitter or Facebook which are a platform for sharing content and communicating, Clubhouse deals in audio-only. The audios are between the speaker and the audience. It’s a great way of sharing personal information with your audience, and the best part is that your audience can talk back in real-time. Almost all the topics are discussed on Clubhouse, from relationship issues to comedy to informative. It’s the best way to remain up to date.

In conclusion, every social media network has its importance. The decision is in your hands as to how you want to use social media in a way that can benefit you and your business in the long run. You need to identify the right social media network and start using it the way it should be used. Seeing the number of people join social media in just a year shows the rise in competition. Therefore, make your decision and start using the app that is made for you.