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What Does It Mean When Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air?

If an air conditioner is not blowing cold air, the underlying problem could be one or more of several factors. There could be a problem with the air filter, fan motor, thermostat control, electronic assembly, or even the capacitator that has been fit in the unit. With time and use, the parts of any machine wear out. For the proper functioning of an AC, maintenance is essential. In case there an issue with the operation of an AC, many companies like this Los Angeles air conditioning service provider can fix the problem.

Air filter

The most frequently encountered problem with AC’s is a lack of sufficient airflow. A dirty or clogged air filter mostly causes this. Owing to this, the evaporator coils do not cool the air because of which the AC cannot circulate the cold air to the room. An air filter requires cleaning every two weeks and should be replaced every six months. If not, your AC may face several issues. Also, you may permanently damage your AC due to this.

Fan and fan motor

If the circulating fan of your AC is not running smoothly, there is little or no airflow over the evaporator coils, which serve to cool warmer air. As the fan motor gets cold, ice can form over them, restricting airflow even further. Since the fan and motor are located towards the inside of the body, the AC will have to be opened to fix the blades, so they move smoothly. In case the blades or the belt have been damaged, they will need to be replaced by a qualified maintenance guy.

Thermostat control

If there is no issue with the air filter or the fan motor, then the underlying cause could be the temperature control. The purpose of this device is to monitor the temperature of the incoming air and to switch the compressor on or off, accordingly. When the wind is warmer than the desired output temperature, the sensor notices this change and turns the compressor on, which then cools the air. When this temperature has been reached, the compressor is automatically turned off. However, if the thermostat is not in order, the signal is not sent to the compressor, and as a result, no cooling takes place. To fix this issue, the sensing bulb will need close inspection so any complication or fault can be set straight.


The most important part of a functional AC is its compressor circuit. AC compressors can fail to work due to many different reasons such as blocked suction lines, electrical problems, contaminants in the system, dry lubricant, dirty condenser coils, or an insufficient amount of gas.

Servicing an AC on time helps to increase its lifespan. Not only does it work more efficiently, but it also generates a lower electricity bill if maintained on time. It would also save you from repair costs, which is, by and large, a more significant investment than maintenance cost.

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